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Award winning CBD patches - A transdermal application at Hemp Botanics

What is a CBD Patch

A CBD patch is like a plaster that is applied to the skin in the same way you would purchase an over the counter heat or cooling patch. Our Pure Ratios (*) waterproof CBD transdermal patches offer a discreet direct delivery method that bypasses digestion. Hemp Botanics products are only available to customers over the age of 18 years.

(*) Waterproof – suitable for showering or bed bath. Not suitable for soaking in the tub or swimming.

How does it work

The ingredients are designed to slowly release the CBD through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Your skin forms part of your Endocannabinoid System.

Pure Ratios CBD offer a patch that only delivers a range of ethically sourced natural ingredients that are rigorously tested for profile, safety and cleanliness.

Are patches full spectrum

Yes, Pure Ratios CBD patches are made with a Full spectrum extract derived from US regulated domestic, industrial hemp.

Pure Ratios CBD patch Hemp Botanics

What are the ingredients

Extra virgin coconut oil+, Aloe Polysaccharides+, Sunflower Lecithin, Virgin Sweet Almond Oil(+), Virgin Red Palm Oil+, Shea Olein, Virgin Avocado Oil, and Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD)
(+) Organic

Will it get me high

No, Pure Ratios CBD patches do not and are not designed to get users high.

At Hemp Botanics the products we offer are proven in their profile through validated third party laboratory analysis from established testing facilities proficient in the cannabis industry. If you need help reading a lab report and or want to check out any product that you have purchased from Hemp Botanics, you can search the Quality Control page on our website for complete peace of mind.

How long does it last

The patch is designed to last 96 hours (4 days). It takes 4-5 hours generally to activate thereafter roughly 10mg is slow released into the bloodstream every 24 hours for the 4 day duration.

Can I combine any other products with my patch

Yes, you can and we find that most of our patch customers like to bundle their patch with a Pure Ratios CBD roll on or Pure Ratios CBD salve.

Regular patch users shopping tip

You might choose to supplement 4 days out of a month or 8 depending on your budget. We also offer 5 pack patches that offer a small saving to those seeking out more regular supply. At a cost of £18 per single works out at £4.50 per day. That is less than some of us would spend daily for a cup of coffee !

How do I apply it

VERY IMPORTANT notice to our current and first time patch users.

 When you apply the patch to the skin, only apply pressure to the sticky circumference around the central reservoir. You do not want to apply pressure to the central reservoir as it may release the oils into the sticky circumference that in turn will prevent your patch from sticking.

Apply your patch to a part of the body that is robust like back of the buttocks, top of the foot that is high vein or even at site i.e the back of the knee or lower back. Choose a hair free, clean area,  shave clean if necessary and dry before you apply !



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